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Client Promise

IMR guarantees an innovative approach to address client challenges.

Einstein was once asked what he would do if he were told a huge comet was going to totally destroy the earth in one hour. He said he would spend 55 minutes figuring out how to formulate the question and 5 minutes solving the problem.

By listening to each client's specific challenges and objectives, formulating the right questions, and utilizing unique methods for delivering innovative solutions, IMR Research Group stands out. Whether a client's problem is best solved with focus groups, ideation, ethnography, or phone, in-person, or web-based surveys, our goal is to provide solid information and innovative ideas on which to base strategic business decisions and help organizations to:

  • Develop exciting new products and services
  • Enhance the customer experience and increase loyalty
  • Help build marketing and advertising strategies that effectively differentiate brands
We are a creative, client-focused group with top-level management involvement in every project from start to finish. Our goal is to address client-specific needs, asking the right questions to focus on results rather than just numbers, in order to deliver truly actionable insight that advances our clients' overall strategic business goals.

IMR Research Group promises an innovative approach to address client challenges.  _____________________________
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