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Deeper Market Insight
IMR Research Group is a full-service market research and ideation firm with a focus on designing projects that produce a deeper understanding of a target market.

While we typically custom design tailored projects to address individual client goals, we have several road-tested products that cover many of our clients' needs, including:

Customer Insight

TouchPoint IMR's 360 listening process. TouchPoint is a 360 process that pinpoints customer needs that are being satisfied - and those that are not being satisfied - for specific market segments and determines which needs are most critical to focus resources to create customer loyalty, differentiate you from the competition and build brands.  IMR's exclusive Loyalty Motivator Matrix and other analytics uncover what makes clients choose you (or your competitors).  The model delivers clear, concise and statistically-sound metrics on which you can confidently base strategic decisions.  And if you're already conducting satisfaction or loyalty tracking, touch base with us to discuss ways to kick it up a notch and create more value and actionable information for your organization. For details, click here.

Employee Insight
Work/Life Attract and retain talent. Research reveals a strong relationship between companies with progressive people practices and profitability. The results of one study shows that companies using the most progressive HR policies had far less turnover, greater sales per employee, and greater market value to book value of its shares. IMR works with forward-thinking companies that understand the challenge new economy employers face in attracting talented workers. To learn more, contact Erin Gallagher at 704.332.4332 or [email protected]. 
Future Insight
Magellan Navigating new territory. Powering innovative ideas. Using conventional methods to address business challenges doesn’t cut it in today’s fast-changing marketplace. While understanding best practices is important, it can allow you to catch up with the competition but rarely surpass it. Frankly, most of the methods used to solve business problems are the same ones used by others in the industry and lead to the same types of solutions, nothing revolutionary. Our innovation process is an engaging yet structured one that helps organizations navigate the future by working with an organization's employees and customers to generate breakthrough ideas. For details, click here.
IMR Research Group promises an innovative approach to address client challenges.  _____________________________
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