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The IMR Difference = Strategic AND Creative

Innovative Approaches.  A pretty smart guy is the inspiration for how we approach research. Einstein was once asked what he would do if he was told a huge comet would totally destroy the earth in one hour. He said he would spend 55 minutes figuring out how to formulate the question and 5 minutes solving the problem. So first, we listen. And then we formulate the right questions utilizing appropriate methodologies to deliver meaningful solutions. IMR brings together the best of time-tested market research and statistical tools, cutting-edge technology, and creative problem-solving techniques to address an individual client’s questions.
Personal Service and Involvement. Personal service comes first at IMR. Rather than having your project delegated to junior staff like so many firms, you get the benefit of intelligent, seasoned marketing and research professionals involved in every project from start to finish. All members of our staff have been with IMR for years and each has many years of experience in their fields.
Advanced Statistical Analysis.  When appropriate, we use advanced multivariate statistical techniques – such as conjoint, regression, discriminant, factor and gap analysis – to identify various market segments, discover the key drivers of consumer choices, analyze how well a company performs on various attributes relative to how important those same factors are to customers, and more.  Tell us what you really want to achieve and we’ll employ the appropriate analytical tools to make it happen.
Complimentary Consulting Time.  We believe research is wasted unless it is put to use. Before the project begins, we work with you to develop the best course of action and ensure that the right questions are being asked. Every project includes complimentary consulting time for clients to use as they see fit, such as additional cross-tabulations, deeper data analysis, further marketing consultation, in-person presentation of the findings, or any other mutually agreed upon purpose.

And if you already have plenty of data, we can consult with you to get more value from existing research.

IMR Research Group promises an innovative approach to address client challenges.  _____________________________
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